Franz Schubert

Lieder collections

There are two more or less complete collections of Schubert Lieder on record. The first one is the Schubert collection by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Gerald Moore on Deutsche Grammophon. The more recent one is the Hyperion Schubert Edition with Graham Johnson. Also Naxos has started with a Schubert edition.

The two following files contain a list with the Schubert Lieder and on which CD each Lied can be found on each collection. The files are in plain ASCII, TAB-delimited:

The files are up-to-date up to Naxos Volume 5. The files have the following format:

Deutsch Title DG Hyperion Naxos

The lists exists also in HTML format:

On the website of Hyperion Records you also find the list of the Hyperion Schubert Edition.

Updated: 04 October 2000 Lieder