Franz Schubert

Kosegarten cycle

KosegartenIn 1815, Franz Schubert composed 20 songs to texts by Gotthard Ludwig Kosegarten. Research by Morten Solvik reveals that these songs may have been composed as a unified whole and arranged in a particular sequence. This conclusion is founded on a variety of codecological, textual, and musical evidence and can be summarized as follows: the fair copies of these songs were at one time gathered together and the texts of the individual lieder when placed in the order of the fair copies tell the ultimately tragic story of an amourous adventurer and his broken-hearted mistresses. All of this is clearly supported by Schubert's use of key areas, head motives and other self-conciously employed musical devices. Introduction and background
by Morten Solvik

A synopsis of the song cycle
by Morten Solvik

The song texts

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